kitchen deep cleaning KDC

A regular professional deep clean is an essential part of any hygiene schedule for all kitchens to ensure that areas outside the scope of the daily clean down are dealt with effectively. Food and grease build up on, inside, underneath and behind units, baked-on oils and carbon on hot equipment and ventilation canopies, all need to be tackled by fully trained and skilled personnel using aggressive and often hazardous cleaning agents.

A kitchen deep clean will often cover all areas, structure, canopies, cooking equipment and other items, from ceiling to floor and will require the use of access equipment to work safely at height; cooking equipment will be broken down to component parts and require expert reassembling. Hard to reach static kitchen fittings are accessed using specialist equpiment and years of knowledge.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of heavy equipment will extend the life of the kit, ensuring it is working to its full potential and the site can avoid paying for newer equipment, for longer.

Since 1978 Bright Hygiene has been operating a kitchen deep clean service that has been perfected over the years. Our emphasis on quality backed by strict working practices and Health and Safety procedures has enabled us to achieve an enviable portfolio of clients across all market sectors.

Many of our customers have a complete kitchen deep clean that covers all the four critical areas that require regular attention (structure, canopy, hot equipment and other items). However, to make the service more flexible, clients can choose to select a specific service that is best suited their requirements.
Photographs are taken before, during and after the service, which are used to produce our post service reports and can be provided on request. Each service is fully certified which is accepted by Environmental Health Practitioners and form part of the onsite cleaning regime portfolio.

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