high level cleaning

At Bright we have staff trained (IPAF and PASMA qualified) to use a variety of access equipment including ladders, mobile scaffold towers, scissor and boom lifts, to clean any surface or equipment that is deemed to be ‘high level’. This often refers to anything you cannot reach by hand, usually a height of 1.8 metres or six feet and above.

In a kitchen, a high level clean would include areas such as the ceiling, the canopy and any air vents. Within these areas, dust, grease, cobwebs and other detritus accumulate over time. Dust particles can irritate peoples’ lungs whilst other debris can fall into food, ruining a business’ reputation and its customers’ experience. Make sure those high-up, hard-to-reach places stay as clean as the rest of your workspace, by booking in regular high-level cleans.

Certain spaces are much trickier to clean than others; ceilings and surrounding ledges in swimming pools, churches and warehouses often require a range of access equipment, including mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs), or even an abseiling team!

Before we arrange a clean, we will complete a free survey of your facility, at which point our representative will identify suitable access arrangements and agree a scope for the clean. During the booking process we will make the necessary arrangements so that minimal disruption is experienced ahead, during and after the clean.

Once a service is completed, we will propose a suitable cleaning frequency and contact you ahead of the date we believe your next clean is due. This means that you can leave all the worry of planning to us!

Our independent feedback company, the Customers View, also contact s each client on the next working day following a service to ensure that they are satisfied with the work that Bright have completed.

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