At Bright Hygiene, unlike most other companies, we do not ask for a signed service agreement. You simply tell us how often you would like the service which is entered into our database so that we can schedule a call to you a few weeks before your service is due to arrange a date and time that totally fits in with your kitchen routine.

To enable us to prepare a deep clean quotation, our surveyor will carry out a free survey and prepare a survey report, site specific risk assessments, recommendation charter and quotation that is fully tailor-made to suit your needs and your timing.

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kitchen deep cleaning

In order to maintain high levels of hygiene of any commercial kitchen a thorough deep is required at suitable intervals. This is achieved through the application of the correct chemicals and cleaning techniques as well as scrupulous quality checks!

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air supply cleaning

In order to maintain a continuous supply of clean air to your facility it is important that the air supply ventilation is kept clean and free from potential contaminants and harmful bacteria by regular cleaning and sanitisation of the system.

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builders cleaning

Following, large-scale building works or refurbishments, there is often a need for to give the new facility a ‘sparkle’. Often scoped as removing all construction dust and detritus from all surfaces.

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grease extract cleaning

Odours and flammable grease deposits are produced when cooking, depending on the frequency and cuisine, the facility is producing. These are removed from the facility through grease extract ventilation, which if left uncleaned and unmaintained, can represent significant fire hazards.

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grease filter laundry

As the first line of defence against fire, it's prudent to thoroughly clean grease filters. We provide an exchange service where we purchase an additional set of filters for you and exchange these for you at site, taking away your dirty set for deep cleaning, at an agreed frequency.

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high level cleaning

At Bright we have staff trained to use a variety of access equipment including ladders, mobile scaffold towers, scissor and boom lifts to clean any surface or equipment that is deemed to be ‘high level’, including ceilings, beams, canopies and atriums.

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sanitisation cleaning

A sanitisation clean can provide peace of mind.
We offer both manual sanitisation cleans, via the use of a virucidal cleaner and dry fogging via a hydrogen peroxide misting process.

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sensitive location cleaning

The service team members, as well as the surveyors and auditors of Bright Hygiene have experience in carrying out deep cleans in an assortment of environments including sensitive areas such as hospitals, military sites, airports and government buildings.

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unique circumstance cleaning

Through our 40+ years in the industry we have carried out deep cleans of some very unique facilities and equipment, including coronavirus holding centres, aircraft & tank hangars, church cloisters and children’s play centres.

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