grease filter exchange service

Grease filters sit in the housing of the canopy, in what is called the “plenum chamber” and are the first line of defence for the ventilation system, they are designed to allow air to pass through them, away from the catering facility, whilst catching the grease deposits carried in the air on their surface. These filters are designed to be removable, accessible and cleaned frequently.

Whilst grease filters are designed to be easily retrievable, they are often at a height beyond reach, requiring the use of a ladder or standing directly atop equipment.

It is a legal requirement that whilst the ventilation system is live, grease filters must be in place, therefore they can only be cleaned out of operational time. The frequency of cleaning will often be stipulated within the building’s insurance caveats, usually at a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of one month, auditable service records must be retained.

A grease filter exchange service will provide the site with an exact match of grease filters, Bright Hygiene will attend site at an agreed frequency to exchange soiled, full grease filters with a fresh, clean set. All cleaning takes place off site at our high-tech cleaning facility, which includes a purpose-built cyclone machine and 10,000psi heated pressure system.

Our cleaning process will increase the life of the grease filter, prevent metal filings from finding their way into foodstuffs or damaging dishwasher elements whilst reducing any downtime the catering facility may have to experience.

Every exchange is certified, and full records are kept easily accessible online, providing the site with evidence for Environmental Health, Insurance providers or Fire safety Officers.

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