Quality Policy

Bright Hygiene Management Group recognize that in order to continue providing the highest quality service possible all members of our team need to share common values and work towards the same goals as listed below.

  1. We will recognize as a group and as a set of individuals that Quality is a fundamental of a healthy business.

  2. We will establish and maintain a quality management system which meets or exceeds the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 9000 series of standards

  3. We will apply the principles of this quality management standard to all our activities, thereby achieving a true company-wide quality system

  4. We will develop, document and operate processes which will allow us to provide services of the highest quality.

  5. We will implement measurements across our business to establish the performance of our processes and to provide a basis for their improvement

  6. We will ensure that all employees are involved in the drive for excellence in our business as we believe that the abilities, knowledge and experience of our staff are our most valuable resource

  7. We will focus our efforts on ensuring that all our customers are completely satisfied with the services we provide to them.

  8. We will ensure that adequate resources are available within the company to ensure we achieve our quality objectives.

  9. We recognize that Quality is a learning process that never ends and continuous improvement is made by training and educating our Bright Team.

  10. We understand the need to review and reset our quality goals to ensure we are ever striving for perfection.

  11. We will continuously review our quality output using independent body The Customers View TM to gauge client satisfaction and are committed to maintaining our Key Performance Indicators on Quality of service, Personnel, timekeeping, following up and prior paperwork and a level of 95%.

Francesca Smith - Managing Director
Last Review - January 2021

Quality Policy