Since 1978 Bright Hygiene has been working hard to ensure that the very highest standards of professionalism are set, maintained and developed within the deep cleaning business.  We owe our success to a dedicated team who work tirelessly across the business to make sure our clients receive the very highest standards of service. That’s why for the past 12 years independent verification of our clients’ satisfaction has been rated at 98%.

We invest significant time and attention to detail in the safety, wellbeing and skills of everyone who joins our team.  That’s about making sure you have all the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to do a great job for our clients while working in a safe environment.


And your wellbeing isn’t just a tick box excise – its something we live and breathe everyday.  Of course we offer competitive rate of pay, but its more than that.  As a family business we make sure we look after the small things including giving everyone their birthday as an extra day annual leave to big dates in the Bright Hygiene calendar such as The Bright Awards where everyone meets up to celebrate the people and teams who’ve made a difference to colleagues and clients throughout the year.

Does this sound like a team you’d be proud to be part of?

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