Vent Cleaning Service

Efficient and effective air ventilation or ducting within a building is essential to maintain air quality.  It’s also key to maintaining employee welfare, and health and safety at work. But no matter how well a vent system is designed it is vitally important that the entire system has a regular deep clean to maintain good air flow and to reduce the risk of Sick Building Syndrome through the removal of contaminants and bacteria (potentially strep B and Staphylococcus) within the system.

From the diffuser to the atmosphere point, the end to end ducting needs to be cleaned.  Bright Hygiene cleaning specialists not only use mechanicial cleaning methods, but also ensure the employ the correct chemicals to sanitise the ducting and are able to test that levels of harmful bacteria have been eradicated, if required, to ensure employers are compliant with their duty of care to employees under the Health and Safety at work etc. Act 1974

Commercial Air Vent Cleaning

Bright Hygiene provide fully approved, professional grease extract/ventilation deep cleaning service from the canopy to the atmosphere point where accessible.

With the increase in ventilation fires many insurance companies require regular cleaning of grease extract systems in order to reduce the risk.  It’s crucially important that you check with your insurance provider as to the frequency of grease extract cleaning they specify to ensure that warranties remain in place.

Picking the right provider is also crucially important, as the quality of service undertaken may extend the system’s competencies.  This includes removing the harmful noxious gasses from the kitchen area, improve efficiencies of the fan unit to maintain a comfortable temperature within the work space and remove carbon deposits which are highly combustible from the internal surfaces of the system.

The introduction of access panels may be required in order to gain access to the ventilation system. The placement of these panels will be specifically chosen in order to provide access to the optimum level of the system. Bright Hygiene do not employ the use of remote access systems for the servicing of grease extract systems as this does not guarantee that all deposits have been removed and does not allow you or the fire safety officers to verify that a satisfactory service has taken place.

We provide you with a certified and fully comprehensive post grease extract clean service report compliant with TR19 guidelines.  It gives you comprehensive details of the clean, before and after photos, a report on the condition of the system, schematics and importantly highlights any defects and deficiencies within the system identified during the service. These essential documents will provide you with key information to ensure that the system is working as effectively and safely as possible and the best news is they are included within the cost of service.  The report should be retained on site and a copy forwarded to your insurance provider.

Internal cleaning of all ductwork (supply and extract) using latest techniques
Access panels installed as required
A full clean of intake and extract grills
Report on filter condition
Report on any defects found within the system
Certificate and photographic evidence for proof of service for insurance purposes
Free survey to highlight requirements and provide the basis for a quotation.

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