High Level Cleaning Service

Our high level cleans are performed to the highest standard by highly qualified professionals.

Anything that is too high to reach with your hand while standing on the floor qualifies as a high level clean. This is usually anything over six foot. If you have to stand on a piece of equipment to reach it, it’s  technically classed as high level.

In a kitchen a high level clean would include areas such as the ceiling, the canopy and the air vents.  In these  sorts of areas dust, grease, cobwebs, dirt, debris and discolouration occur over time. The dust particles can irritate peoples’ lungs and bits of debris can fall into food, ruining a business’ reputation and its customers’ dining experience – not what you want! Make sure those high up, hard to reach places stay as clean as the rest of your workspace by booking in regular high level cleans.

Certain spaces are much trickier to clean. Areas such as the ceiling above a swimming pool, the top half of a warehouse, or the highest parts within a church demand a more specialist approach to high level cleaning.  They will often involve the use of specialist machinery such as a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) or rope access, both of which you must be trained to use due to their obvious dangers.

Before we begin cleaning we will complete a free inspection of your building. This will help us plan the clean and execute it effectively and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business. We use premium products and advanced cleaning techniques to make sure we get the best results.

By the time we’re done, the area will be spotless. So much so, it may make you realise which other parts of the premises could do with an expert scrub!

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