Filter Cleaning

Grease Filter Exchange Service

Grease filters are a fuel loaded cell, directly above an ignition source with continual oxygen being pumped through a system

We conduct a risk assessment of the filters based on type and volume of food product cooked, then agree a frequency of exchange required (this will usually be in line with your insurers requirements). During each exchange visit our specialist technicians remove the dirty filter, replacing them with clean ones. The soiled filters are taken to our processing plant and cleaned under strict environmental and Health and Safety guidelines. Once clean, they are stored, ready for the next exchange visit eliminating any malpractice where filters are put through the dishwasher. The dishwasher chemicals degrade the filter over time and damages the dishwasher, continual exposure to water within a dip tank will have a similar effect and in the majority of cases catering staff should not be cleaning above head height.

The service is fully certified, records are maintained off site and the service is even recognised as a fire risk prevention tool by many insurers and brokers.

This service is delivered via our sister company Just Filters.

Benefits of our Service

  • Fully risk assessed technicians in order to perform all work that is above head height
  • Minimum disruption of service, exchanged within minutes, no disruption to service
  • Increases longevity of the grease filter; life is increased due to our specialist cleaning techniques
  • Improved airflow means better working conditions and healthier and happier staff
  • A dedicated accounts manager and operations team on call for any questions or queries
  • Certificate of compliance for insurance companies to demonstrate due diligence
  • Reduce risk of ventilation systems catching fire as filters are working to their optimum
  • We supply second filter set, so no capital outlay for client
  • Independent Quality Assurance scheme
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