When the builders finish their work we begin ours.

Once they’ve finished creating a lovely new workplace the builders pack up their tools and move on to the next job, leaving behind a building full of dust and debris. That’s where we come in. We wave them off and get to work, making sure the space is sparkly clean and fit for purpose.

Just as the builders are experts at what they do, we are specialists at what we do. A professional clean after the builders have been will make sure everything on your site is spick and span before it opens for operation.

We remove the debris and clean the dirt and dust out of every nook and cranny. We’re extremely thorough and methodical in our approach which makes for effective and efficient execution. All the chemicals and materials we use are non abrasive too, so no damage is done to any surfaces during cleaning.

Protective plastic coating on  any equipment will usually be removed at this stage, though it is sometimes left on until the sparkle clean has been completed.

A sparkle clean is normally carried out just before the site opens for operation. Its purpose is to make sure everything is tip-top and as clean as clean can be. Antibacterial fluids are used to ensure the area is dust-free and  all surfaces are safe to use.

The builders clean and sparkle clean are normally carried out at separate times but occasionally the two cleans are combined into one. It depends on the length of time between the builders finishing and the site opening for operation.

Do remember that after you’ve had the builders in you will likely find dust settling on surfaces for months to come, even if you’ve had a builders clean and a sparkle clean. This is because the dust is in the air, its underneath the T sections of false ceilings, as doors are opened, people circulate, the dust is dislodged and settles again on surfaces. You’ll find yourself in a pattern of clean, work, clean repeat. For a while it may feel like it’s two steps forward, one step back, but stick with the process and after six months or so you’ll no longer have the problem.  

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