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Food Rating Revealed Across The UK

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, your restaurant reservations will hopefully be filling up with bookings for parties, Christmas nights out or friends and families’ catch-ups.

With the competition within the food, beverage and hospitality industry being fiercer than ever, food hygiene standards are paramount to run a successful business. The Daily Mail quoted in a recent article saying: “There’s nothing worse than turning up for an evening of wining and dining with friends and family – and finding a restaurant that looks like it needs a good scrub.”


In a recent report, Claims Direct gathered data from over 450,000 food businesses across the UK which highlighted the average hygiene rating in each postcode area. Using the Food Standard Agency’s rating data, they illustrated the areas in the UK with both the highest and lowest food hygiene rating.

The results were then broken down by business type, to show what part of the UK has the best hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaways when it comes to food hygiene; and of course which areas had the worst.


Based on over 400,000 businesses, on average, food outlets in the UK (excluding Scotland) have a rating of 4.52 out of 5 and Scotland’s food outlets achieved an average of 81.2%.


How the rating system works

Here is a quick reminder of how the current rating work in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The scheme gives businesses a rating from 0 to 5. Each score comes with an attached meaning:


  • 5 – Hygiene Standards are very good
  • 4 – Hygiene Standards are good
  • 3 – Hygiene Standards are generally satisfactory
  • 2 – Some Improvement is necessary
  • 1 – Major Improvement is necessary
  • 0 – Urgent Improvement is required


The rating is not there to score factors such as taste or quality of food, instead, it is there to ensure businesses are complying with health and safety regulations with regards to the following:

  • Handling of food
  • How food is stored
  • How food is prepared
  • Cleanliness of facilities
  • How food safety Is managed

Source: Food Standard Agency


Bright Hygiene

We can’t help with the preparation of your food, but we can help you with the cleanliness of your facilities, and help you on your way to a great food hygiene rating. Here at Bright Hygiene, we are the UK’s leading industrial deep cleaning specialist. Since 1978, our main focus was on delivering clean, safe and healthy working environments for your customers and colleagues. Contact us to find out more.

bright2019Food Rating Revealed Across The UK
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