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Commercial Kitchens: Your Responsibility

Commercial Kitchens: Your Responsibility

When you serve food to the public, there are a number of rules and regulations that you must follow. These can seem a little scary, but they’re there to keep you and your customers safe.

For those who run commercial kitchens, some of the most important legislation is set out in the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations 2013. These explain some of the steps you should take to comply with food safety laws, and give lots of tips and advice on your cleaning routines. There are over 200 diseases which can be spread through food, so your hygiene practises must be thorough enough to tackle even the most stubborn germs.

The Importance of a Deep Clean

Of course, you need to have regular cleaning processes in place, but your responsibilities should go beyond your daily cleaning duties. We understand that commercial kitchens can be very busy. Your team may struggle to find the time to carry out a deep clean, and it can be difficult to clean those tricky, inaccessible areas! Sometimes, deep cleans can require specialist equipment and chemicals. Here at Bright Hygiene, our teams are specially trained to deal with those harsh cleaning products safely. When we perform a deep clean, we provide a certificate as proof of your diligent approach to hygiene.

In England and Wales, all establishments which serve food are visited by a food safety officer and given a rating from 0 to 5. In some parts of the country, these ratings have to be displayed to customers, and customers can check out the information online. A poor food hygiene score can do serious damage to your reputation, but a positive score can give your business a boost!

Nobody wants to work in an unclean environment, so a dirty kitchen can impact staff morale and most importantly, it can be a serious health hazard. Preparing food in areas that aren’t properly sanitised increases the risk of food poisoning or cross contamination. Uncleaned grease is a major cause of fires in commercial kitchens, and can even invalidate your insurance policy. Often, food particles and grease can build up in crevices, behind cupboards or in ventilation filters, so it’s easy for them to go unnoticed!

Need Some Extra Sparkle?

Here at Bright Hygiene, our specialist teams and equipment work to make your kitchen sparkle. We’ve been established for over 40 years, so we’re experts in what we do. For a bright solution to kitchen deep cleaning, contact us today.

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