Deep cleaning removes germs

Deep cleaning removes germs!


Bright Hygiene has been established since 1978 and is known for providing expert deep cleaning services throughout the UK. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years from the reliability of our professional team to their high level of expertise. We have become the leading ‘go to’ deep cleaning business and our knowledge together with our dedication to customer service guarantees customer satisfaction.  We believe in keeping germs at bay and help businesses create a healthy work environment for their staff and clients. Our team of experts are qualified to ensure a consistent, dependable service and to deliver a deep cleaning solution that respects our environment at the same time as fulfilling our clients’ needs.


When you work in close proximity to your colleagues in your office it becomes a breeding ground for germs. Illness can spread so rapidly via dirty ventilation systems, filters and kitchens. The importance of keeping the work environment hygienic and germ free can never be underestimated. Bright Hygiene is happy to offer a deep cleaning solution.


 Our services include:


·         Kitchen deep cleaning

·         Supply and extract ventilation deep cleaning

·         Grease filter exchange

·         High level cleaning

·         Specialist builders clean


We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing system and we don’t insist on locked in contracts leaving our customers in control. We are happy to accept one off cleans and ad hoc services and are happy to work out of hours at no additional cost. We understand our clients have different needs and the necessity of working around their hours of operation. Our teams of specialists work 24/7 and our prices will not increase if we work at the weekend or in the evening.


We insist on stringent health and safety excellence and have achieved 100% safety and assurance sustained by the entire Bright Hygiene team. We also ensure the maximum standard of quality and have rigorous quality control processes in place. Customer satisfaction is paramount and our Independent Customer Feedback forms confirm our dedication to maintaining a high standard having achieved 98% overall satisfaction.


We are happy to maintain our customers’ deep cleaning schedules as part of our service and will contact you before your regular cleans are due. We are dedicated to working sustainably by being environmentally conscious, by reducing our carbon footprint as well as our hot water and paper usage.


If you are looking for a specialist cleaner and would like further information about our deep cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0800 093 7840.