Training Policy


Bright Hygiene is committed to providing continuous training and development to improve the skills and competence of its entire workforce in the focused delivery of services to our clients.

The aims of training are to ensure that all employees are given the necessary help to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude that they require to carry out their jobs efficiently and to provide every opportunity for career development.


Team Supervisors and Internal Management team are responsible for the continual monitoring of staff training and development throughout the year and to provide the necessary assistance and encouragement to ensure that the companies’ objectives are being met, procedures are being followed and that staff fulfillment needs are being achieved.


Induction training will be given to all new employees, to familiarise them with the organisation’s structures and procedures and to illustrate their role within it.

During the early weeks of employment, all employees will receive thorough training in the procedures and policies of our organisation which will include training in Health and Safety to ensure the protection of the individual and to meet the needs of the company and statutory requirements.

Any gaps in the basic skills of the employee to undertake their full duties will be identified during the induction process and relevant training will be given where applicable.

A record of training will be established for each individual employee and held centrally on the personnel file. This will be continual updated throughout the lifecycle of their employment to provide a record of their training and development.


All staff, including new personnel, will have their skills continually assessed by their Team Supervisor/Internal Manager as identified below:

  • At the induction stage - any immediate training needs identified by the Team Supervisor/Internal Manager will be organised during the first three months of employment, wherever possible.
  • At appraisal stage - it is Bright Hygiene’s policy to undertake an annual staff formal appraisal to review performance over the previous twelve months, to identify ways of maximising strengths and improving areas of weakness in the context of achieving the Bright Hygiene’s aims and objectives. These formal reviews are the main vehicle of reviewing and identifying training needs to improve job performance.


Senior Management will have overall responsibility for analysing training needs identified by the processes above and will discuss with the appropriate Team Supervisor/Internal Manager and employee the most appropriate and cost effective way of addressing these.

These training needs may be resolved in a number of ways.

  •  Sending an individual on a course(IPAF, PASMA etc)
  •  On the job training
  •  Working alongside other members of staff
  •  Using in-house/external expertise to run workshops.
  •  Management Training
  •  Technical/Professional Staff Training
  •  General Training


As part of the organisations continuing commitment to training and development, employees are asked to provide feedback on the value and effectiveness of the training and learning they undertake.

This information enables us to ensure that the training methods, programmes and organisations being used for training are meeting both the organisations and the trainees’ needs and that value for money is being realised.


Francesca Smith

Managing Director

Dated: January 2012

Review date: January 2013