Recruitment Policy

Bright Hygiene is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all sectors of the community.

Our policy is to provide equal opportunity in relation to employment, careers, development and promotion to all those eligible on the basis of ability, qualifications, and suitability for the work.

Bright recruits employees on the grounds of fair and open competition and irrespective of the applicants sex, marital status, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or religion/belief, as echoed in our Equal Opportunities policy.

The company will take appropriate steps to ensure that all applicants are legally entitled to work in the UK and will strictly abide by the The Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, several checks are carried out to ensure eligibility of employment for all foreign nationals, including documentation sought from the Home Office, passport verification and European Union Working Card.

All vacancies and the terms of employment are agreed with the Managing Director (and for senior positions the Board of Directors) prior to advertising for any vacancy that arises within Bright Hygiene. Our policy is to provide all existing employees the opportunity for change or promotion and prior to external advertising all suitable staff are offered to apply for the position should they wish to consider a change in direction or seek a promotional opportunity.

Prior to applying for the post all individuals (internal and external) will be able to receive company information from the company website and will have access to a brief job description. All applications (internal and external) will be sorted by the department manager and short-listed for an initial interview by the manager where a full job description will be discussed. From these initial interviews normally three candidates will be selected for a second interview with the Manager and the Managing Director.

The successful candidate will be provided with clear terms and conditions confirmed in an appointment letter together with start date, time to arrive and who to report to on their first day when they will commence an induction training programme that may last from one week to three months depending on the position, a probationary period of three months is applied at all levels.

All personal records from applicants will be disposed of safely and securely and details from candidates who attended a second interview will be retained for a maximum period of 12 months should another vacancy arise and safely stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


Francesca Smith

Managing Director

Dated: January 2012

Review date: January 2013