The Employer is committed to a policy, which prevents discrimination and stimulates and promotes equal opportunities. This means that:-

In the provision of its services and employment of staff to provide these services the Employer will seek to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for all persons.

No person or group of persons applying for its services, or for a job, or for any contract with the Employer will be treated less favorably than any other person or group of persons because of their sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origins, marital status, sexuality, religious belief, or physical or mental disability.

The Employer will provide equal opportunity through the application of employment policies, which will ensure that individuals receive treatment, which is fair, equitable and consistent with their aptitude, potential, skills and abilities. Selection procedures and criteria will ensure that individuals are selected and promoted on the basis of the relevant merits and abilities. In order to ensure equal opportunities, wherever possible all job vacancies will be advertised. These procedures will be monitored and regularly reviewed. Where necessary the Employer will provide staff with special training facilities to enable them to complete or qualify for positions, or progress, within the company.

To help fulfill its commitment to equal opportunity the Employer will collect and monitor records of the sex and ethnic, racial origins of all those applying to it for employment.

In hiring contractors and other bodies to work for it, the Employer will actively pursue its commitment to equality of opportunity.


Francesca Smith

Managing Director

Dated: January 2012

Review date: January 2013