Our commitment to Business and the Environment

Bright Hygiene comprehends that it has an environmental responsibility to ensure that sustainability and the environment are taken into account in operating its business. Following an environmental review of the Business, the Company Executives are committed to protecting and improving the environment in all areas of company operations by fostering sustainable use of resources available.

Bright Hygiene will ensure that environmental priorities are integrated into the decisions it takes on all its services. Our Environment Policy aims at integrating sound environmental practices into the business operation and adopts the following principles:

To minimize the negative environmental impacts that may arise through our business operations.

Regulation and Legislation: - To comply with all current, and ensure preparedness for impending relevant local and regional environmental legislation.

Waste: - Endeavour to maximise the efficient use of utilities, to minimize waste wherever possible and encourage the appropriate conservation, re-use and recycling of resources.

Energy: - Work towards reducing Company’s energy consumption by using energy in highly efficient ways.

Supply Chain: - Environmental Communication: - Ensure that all contractors and sub-contractors are fully aware of our environmental policy and the environmental responsibilities placed upon them whilst working for Bright Hygiene.

Purchasing: - To ensure that environmental issues are well thought-out when making purchasing decisions.

Emergency Procedures: - Ensure the Business has effective plans in place for incident and emergency preparedness;

Staff Involvement: - Promote a sense of responsibility and understanding for the environment and participation in environmental issues, by raising staff awareness and information provision.

Implementation of policy: - To develop a system to implement our environmental policy and continually work to improve our environmental performance; additionally seek to review and where possible, improve our performance each year with positive action on any areas of non-compliance.

On behalf of the Board for Directors I confirm our commitment to implement this Policy


Francesca Smith

Managing Director

Dated: January 2012

Review date: January 2013