Competency Assurance Statement

Each and every person within a Bright Hygiene has a set of roles and responsibilities which are intended to function in an integrated fashion as a successful whole. Given that it is only through a truly competent workforce that the business goals of an organisation can be achieved, competency assurance is therefore critical to Bright Hygiene’s long term success.

Competency itself can be deemed a combination of:

  •  possessing the underpinning knowledge to perform a task
  •  having the necessary skills to complete a task
  •  possessing the necessary work ethics and personal attributes, such as attitude, when engaged in any given task

Bright Hygiene looks at conditions that may arise during its day to day business activities with a view to identifying any required improvements to make its workforce more productive and efficient.

We manage our employee’s competency through:

Competency Audits

Bright Hygiene Management team provides ongoing resources where clients can request regular or ad hoc audits of competency assurance. Audits are critical to the success of any competency system, so as to ensure that identified skill gaps have been closed and desired standards are being maintained over the long term.

External feedback

By using an external auditor (The Customers View) to gain objective feedback directly from each of our clients, we are able to instantly recognise areas required for improvement and make quick changes (i.e. re-train staff) this enables us to provide the highest quality possible to our clients.


Francesca Smith

Managing Director

Dated: January 2012

Review date: January 2013