Health and Safety

Services from our Specialist Cleaners

Regular deep cleaning is an essential part of the Hygiene Programme for all kitchens to ensure that areas outside the scope of daily cleaning are dealt with effectively. Areas such as food and grease build up underneath and behind units, and baked on oils and Carbon on hot equipment and ventilation canopies all need to be tackled by fully trained and skilled specialist cleaners using aggressive and often hazardous cleaning agents.

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Health and Safety from Deep Cleaning Experts

At Bright Hygiene we value ourselves in two key areas; SAFETY and QUALITY. These areas have provided the framework for continually maintaining and improving our training and management systems throughout Bright, thus ensuring that we not only have continuous monitoring processes in place but also ensure that we regularly review and improve our systems and procedures based on these findings.

We have an excellent record and reputation for promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of all who may be affected by the works on a daily basis. This has been achieved by continually working together with our clients ensuring that we work within their policies and best practices in line with our internal safety methods.